Historic bridge Tour

Once the border formalities are done and indemnities signed, a theatrical and entertaining presentation is done on the history of the Bridge by a local actor who plays in the part of Georges Imbault, the Chief Construction Engineer who oversaw the building of the Bridge. After the Presentation, the walk under the bridge is an exciting yet optional. Guests are provided with the necessary safety equipment. Before proceeding to the bridge, a safety demonstration and a safety training is provided to ensure guest safety. For those scared of heights, a walk across the top of the Bridge along the pedestrian walkway can be taken. Upon returning from the bridge, an optional guided walk around the Visitors Centre where the guide shows you what was mentioned in the verbal Border Formalities presentation.
The Victoria Falls Bridge lies in “no man’s land” between Zimbabwean and Zambian Boarder Posts. The tour includes a Meet-and-Assist service whereby our transfer drivers will assist clients with Border formalities.
Please note: The guest will have to carry his/her passport to cross the respective Border. A visit to the Bridge does not affect the clients’ visa status. Carrying of passports is merely for identification purposes at the respective Border. Passports will not be stamped.