Croc Cage Diving

The Croc Dive Experience is situated at Elephant’s walk shopping village at the Predator Enclosure, behind Barclays bank, Victoria Falls Town. Divers must bring their usual swimming attire; change rooms and towels are provided. All other necessary diving equipment is provided. After a quick dive brief and signing of an indemnity form the cage is lowered into the water up to the shortest diver’s chest level. Basic skills are then covered where the divers are familiarized to breathing underwater using SCUBA apparatus. After the divers are comfortable, the cage is lowered where previously briefed hand signals are utilized. This is where, whoever dares; catches a glimpse of ‘their world!’ The dive leader then lures the crocodiles and fish whilst taking underwater footage and photos, available for sale after the dive. The cage returns to the surface and the divers are free to get changed in the change rooms.